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The Gita and The Quran
Author : Pandit Sunderlal, Rendered into English by:
            Syed Asadullah
ISBN : 8177693336
Format : 156 pages, 6.1"X 9.3",Paperback
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing Varanasi
Year of publication: 2005
Book Id : Gita 013
Language : English
 U.S $ 18.95


From the Publisher

Two Holy Scriptures, two religious directions, but do they have one common fundamental theme? The Bhagavad Gita is probably the most famous and much-loved book of the great Hindu epics. The Qur'an (Koran) is 'the book of the believers' of Islam. Separated by land and time, these two religions still have much in common.

What are the fundamental ideas of the Gita and the Qur'an?

How does each of the great teachings seek to unlock a moral code for the living?

"We need a religions outlook which shall weld us into a single brotherhood, nation, family?.a creed that every avatar, prophet, saint, sadhu, fakir has preached?"

This book has an unusual goal, one that offers to mediate between apparently opposing viewpoints. It makes a strongly defined attempt to unite the two ideas. It tries to clarify the amazing degree of common ground, and the factors that bring the two concepts together, to embrace each other for the benefit of mankind. 





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