In this book of stories from the Vamana Purana you will find many stories you had not read in other literatures, and you will find many interesting details I stories you had previously read elsewhere. Because this is the Vamana Purana, it naturally relates the history of the incarnation of Lord Vamana. In fact, the story of Lord Vamana is related several times, and each time a different aspect of the pastime is dwelt upon. Also, because the Lord appears again and again in different ages, there are differences in the descriptions of His pastimes that are interesting to note.

The Vamana Purana describes the glories of Kuruksetra at great length, showing us that it was a very prominent place of pilgrimage since time immemorial.

In this Purana the oneness of Lord Visnu and Lord Siva is stressed, and this is also the teaching of our acaryas. It is not that the two are separate personalities, because Lord Siva is an expansion of Lord Krsna. Perhaps in this Puranas this fact is not clearly presented, and therefore it certainly is not on the level of some other Puranas, especially the Bhagavatam.