Indian wooden block Stamps for textile printing, tattoo printing in Different Shapes and Sizes

Indian Wooden Block Stamps are a unique blend of traditional Indian art and robust functionality. Intricately carved out of Indian Rosewood commonly known as Sheesham Wood. The hand-printing blocks come in diverse assortments of designs and dimensions. Some of the popular shaped of stamps are tree wooden block stamps, paisley wooden block stamps, flower wooden block stamps, heart wooden block stamps, spiral shaped wooden block stamps, animal & bird wooden block stamps, stamps with religious & spiritual symbols. These wooden stamps smeared with colourful ink, are used to print patterns on cloth fabrics & textiles, pottery, paper, as henna tattoo etc.

Each of these wooden hand-printing stamps carries a special motif evoking a deep meaning in mind of the observer. Designed and carved by the artisans stationed in remote corners of India, these artifacts are archetypal of Indian craftsmanship.