Crafts of India : Sheeghra Vivaha Yantra / Yantras in Brass Size : 3.2" X 3.2"

Crafts of India : Sheeghra Vivaha Yantra / Yantras in Brass Size : 3.2" X 3.2"

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YA 062
Sheeghra Vivaha Yantra

Vivah Yantra is precisely designed to boost the chances of getting married. Sheeghra Vivah Yantra facilitates in eradicating karmic blockages that delay the process of Marriage.

This Marriage Yantra can be used even for couples who already love each other but are facing complexity in being together due to parents' disapproval, interference by others, interference by those trying to keep them apart, not being able For Getting married to be together and other obstacles. This Energised Yantra can be used by both Male and Female for success in love with fortunate and fruitful marriage.

Brief About Yantras

 Yantra is an figure or diagram usually made in Metal like Copper, Brass or Silver. Yantra is considered as a simplest and the shortest path to achieve desires and wishes. By regularly worshipping Deities displayed in yantras the negative effects of planets can be removed and it brings Positive energy in one's life. Kindly follow the following steps to worship the Yantras

  • First take a bath to purify your body and start worshiping with positive and peaceful mind.
  • Place the yantra in your House or Office where it cannot be disturbed.
  • Purify the Yantra by dipping it in a Mix of Milk and Water.
  • Now close your eyes and with a peaceful mind and worship the god so that your desires can be fulfilled. Start Reciting Beej Mantra atleast nine times.
  • Worship regularly to get desired results.

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