Crafts of India : Shri Sampurna Vyapaar Vriddhi Yantram in Brass Size :  7.8" X 7.8"

Crafts of India : Shri Sampurna Vyapaar Vriddhi Yantram in Brass Size : 7.8" X 7.8"

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                                                  YA 057
Shri Sampurna Vyapaar Vriddhi Yantram

Sri Sampurn Vyapar Vridhi yantra is used to increase business and turnover.This is a widely tested yantra in shops, offices and in factories etc., where the business is not up to the expectations. After puja of yantra it should be fixed/kept at the place of business or on the shop on Wednesday or Thursday and the following mantra should be recited to boost up the sale.

Mantra -"Om Shree Mahalaxmiyay Namah"

This yantra has 13 yantras in it:-

  • Sri Vyapar vridhi yantra -  To increase business and turnover
  • Sri Sri yantra -  For Getting wealth, prosperity and comforts
  • Sri Sampurn mahalakshmi yantra -  For Getting wealth, prosperity,Material comforts
  • Sri Geeta yantra - For Getting rewards for hard work,mind becomes full of zeal
  • Sri Navgrah yantra -  To Calm nine planets
  • Sri Matsya yantra -  For Getting positive energy by removing vastu faults
  • Sri Vashyakaram yantra -  For Getting favour from friends, officers and others 
  • Sri Bagulamukhi yantra -  For Getting victory over enemies and business rivals
  • Sri Lakshmi ganesha yantra -  For Getting Goodluck and Prosperity
  • Sri Vastudosh yantra -  Saves from bad effects of wrong vastu
  • Sri Durga bisa yantra -  For Getting super success in business
  • Sri Kuber yantra -  For Getting wealth and luck
  • sri Kanakdhara yantra -  For Getting luck with speculation and gambling

Brief About Yantras

A Yantra is an figure or diagram usually made in Metal like Copper, Brass or Silver. Yantra is considered as a simplest and the shortest path to achieve desires and wishes. By regularly worshipping Deities displayed in yantras the negative effects of planets can be removed and it brings Positive energy in one's life. Kindly follow the following steps to worship the Yantras

  • First take a bath to purify your body and start worshiping with positive and peaceful mind.
  • Place the yantra in your House or Office where it cannot be disturbed.
  • Purify the Yantra by dipping it in a Mix of Milk and Water.
  • Now close your eyes and with a peaceful mind and worship the god so that your desires can be fulfilled. Start Reciting Beej Mantra atleast nine times.
  • Worship regularly to get desired results.

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