Crafts of India :  Kaalasarpayoga Yantram / Yantras in Brass -  Size : 3.2" X 3.2"

Crafts of India : Kaalasarpayoga Yantram / Yantras in Brass - Size : 3.2" X 3.2"

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                                                   YA 045
                                        Kaalasarpayoga Yantram

Kalsarp Yantra is mainly used for removing negative effects of the Kaal Sarp in your birth chart ,regularly worshiping brings prosperity,harmony and fulfillment of all wishes, this yantra reduces all the ill-effects of Kaal Sarpa yoga. People having Kaal Sarp Dosha in there birh chart shall perform Pooja on the sacred day of Naag-Panchmi as well as establish Kaal Sarp Yantra in their house to protect themselves from the evil effect of this Dosha.

Beej Mantra:
"Om Triyambhakam Yajamahey, Sungandhim Pushti Vardanam
                          Uruvarukamiva Bandhanan, Mrityor Muksheeya Mamritat "

Brief About Yantras

A Yantra is an figure or diagram usually made in Metal like Copper, Brass or Silver. Yantra is considered as a simplest and the shortest path to achieve desires and wishes. By regularly worshipping Deities displayed in yantras the negative effects of planets can be removed and it brings Positive energy in one's life. Kindly follow the following steps to worship the Yantras

  • First take a bath to purify your body and start worshiping with positive and peaceful mind.
  • Place the yantra in your House or Office where it cannot be disturbed.
  • Purify the Yantra by dipping it in a Mix of Milk and Water.
  • Now close your eyes and with a peaceful mind and worship the god so that your desires can be fulfilled. Start Reciting Beej Mantra atleast nine times.
  • Worship regularly to get desired results.


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