Crafts of India : Sampurna Roganaashak Yantram / Yantras in Brass - Size - 7.8" X 7.8" Inches

Crafts of India : Sampurna Roganaashak Yantram / Yantras in Brass - Size - 7.8" X 7.8" Inches

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                                                                 YA 039
Sampurna Roganaashak Yantram

Sri Sampurn Rog Nashak Yantra helps getting rid off physical and mental diseases and tensions.It also helps in overcoming depression, supressing oponents, diseases and attaining good health.It can also prove helpful in removing negative energy and vibes from surroundings which are responsible for ill health and negative mindset.This yantra has 13 yantras which are as follows

  • Sri Mahamrityunjaya yantra ( center) - For Getting rid of health problems and long life
  • Sri Vastu dosh Nivaran yantra - To bring postive energy at home
  • Sri Ganpati yantra - To bring goodluck and success
  • Sri Kal sarp yantra - To remove Kaal sarp Dosha
  • Sri Mahamrityunjaya yantra - To remove fear of death
  • Sri Bagulamukhi yantra - To give protection from enemies
  • Sri Navdurga yantra - For Getting protection from evil forces 
  • Sri Navgrah yantra - For Getting protection from evil effects of all nine planets
  • Sri Vashyakaram yantra - To attract others and For Getting favourable results
  • Sri Vahan Durghatna Nashak yantra  - For Getting protection from accidents and mishaps
  • Sri Shani yantra - For Getting planet Saturn work in favour
  • Sri Ketu yantra - For Getting planet Ketu work in favour
  • Sri rahu yantra - For Getting planet Rahu work in favour

Beej Mantra:  " Tryamabakam Yajamahe Saugandhim Pushti vardhanam
                            Urvarukmiv Bandhanan mrityor mukhsheevamamritiyat"



Brief About Yantras

A Yantra is an figure or diagram usually made in Metal like Copper, Brass or Silver. Yantra is considered as a simplest and the shortest path to achieve desires and wishes. By regularly worshipping Deities displayed in yantras the negative effects of planets can be removed and it brings Positive energy in one's life. Kindly follow the following steps to worship the Yantras

  • First take a bath to purify your body and start worshiping with positive and peaceful mind.
  • Place the yantra in your House or Office where it cannot be disturbed.
  • Purify the Yantra by dipping it in a Mix of Milk and Water.
  • Now close your eyes and with a peaceful mind and worship the god so that your desires can be fulfilled. Start Reciting Beej Mantra atleast nine times.
  • Worship regularly to get desired results.

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